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Chris Nestrud - Resume
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Contact Information

Work Experience

2008 - 2009: Developer (contract) Humanware USA

  • Worked with customer to define specifications, designed and maintained applications, and trained customer on application maintenance.
  • Created a customized full-featured voicemail system along with a tool to import messages and other information from the previously-used system.
  • Created a telephony application which integrated with an existing information system and allowed customers to obtain status information on products returned for repair.
  • Created scripts to retrieve existing data from multiple databases, manipulate it, and import it into new information system.

Projects employed knowledge of Asterisk AGI scripting, Perl, PHP, and SQL.

2008 - Present: Information Systems Coordination Specialist, Arkansas Department of Human Services, Little Rock, AR

2005 - 2008: Systems Coordination Analyst, Arkansas Department of Human Services, Little Rock, AR

  • Accepted ad-hoc requests for information from Department of Human Services executive staff, the legislature, Governor's Office and others. Located, collected, and reformatted or summarized data in an automated manner to provide requested information.
  • Met with end users to discuss system and reporting requirements, designed databases for collecting data, created databases, developed front-end for collecting data, and created queries and reports for summarizing collected data.
  • Designed solutions for transforming large amounts of received data to conform with requirements of existing information systems.
  • Provided technical assistance to end users on hardware, software, and connectivity issues. Recommended solutions to technical issues or directed users to appropriate help.
  • Created new and executed scheduled automated processes which provided data that was distributed across the state and which allowed managers and supervisors to manage their programs and staff. This data was also used to verify progress, identify potential problems, and satisfy legislative and federal requirements.
  • Redesigned existing automated processes for streamlining and to decrease the time needed for automated processes to run and/or the complexity of running them, while maintaining accuracy. Recommended and/or provided automated solutions to existing processing which allowed end users to better manage their time.

Provided information was often used to make policy decisions regarding the Food Stamps, Transitional Employment Assistance, and Medicaid programs.

August 2004 - November 2004: Voter File Manager, Coordinated Campaign, Democratic Party of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR

  • Responsible for Administration and support of various web-based systems (account management, user questions, problem escalation)
  • Responsible for individual and group user training including writing documentation
  • Monitored data quality and initiated actions to resolve potential problems
  • Other activities which often involved making use of data from various systems

I wrote documentation for and trained around 20 people on the use of several web-based systems needed to access information on registered voters and volunteers. I also answered day-to-day questions from these users on use of those systems, and assisted them in determining how to use the available resources to solve individual problems. In cases where data from various systems needed to be combined to determine an answer, I wrote Perl scripts to combine the data and extract needed information. I was also responsible for administration functions including account maintenance.

May 2003 - August 2003: Program Clerk, U.S. Department of Labor, Washington, DC

  • Selected to participate in competitive national Microsoft-AAPD Federal Internship Program
  • Designed and developed database to maintain information on employees and inventory
  • Wrote manual to assist end users in use of database
  • Assisted other employees in solving technical problems

I designed a database using Microsoft Access and Visual Basic for Applications to maintain information about employees as well as tracking of inventory and notification of need for re-supply. I was the only developer with occasional assistance from another employee for visual tasks. I also wrote a users' manual for the database and assisted other employees by answering questions and helping with other smaller projects.

December 2002 - January 2003: Chisenhall, Nestrud & Julian, P.A., Little Rock, AR

  • Designed and developed secure, web based document repository and searchable database for joint defense group
  • Defined information needs through end user interviews, developed dedicated server and software specifications, designed and programmed system, and delivered finished product
  • Implemented system security through multiple backup strategies and controlled access using authorization rules
  • Conducted end-user training and provided ongoing system support

I developed a secure web-based system designed for the storing, categorizing, searching, and retrieving of case documents. I worked with several clients to develop project requirements, and located a suitable provider for the server used to maintain the system. I then created a comprehensive system which fulfilled all requirements, trained users on its use, and provided ongoing support. The system was written in php, used a Mysql database, and ran on a dedicated server running Debian Linux.


University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

  • BSBA Degree, Information Systems, May 2004 (GPA in Major 3.1)
  • Minor in Computer Science (Completed 2001, GPA 3.2)

Work Related Experience

2002 - 2005: Stream Madness (

  • Managed all technical aspects of a small hosting provider (technical support, web server, DNS, databases, email, streaming audio servers, security)
  • Provided customer service to new and existing customers

I was responsible for several aspects of this hosting provider which included general system administration, software upgrades, creation of custom software, security, and technical support for new and existing customers. Multiple servers were used runningvarious distributions of Linux. I wrote a web-based control panel allowing customers to alter configurations for their hosted servers. The control panel had various user levels with different abilities, logging of user actions for auditing purposes, and supported the ability to quickly add servers on additional machines.

January 2003 - May 2003: Systems Analyst, SAKE, Fayetteville, AR

  • Information Systems team member for student-run business formed in 1996
  • Created script that generated SQL to reformat existing database to match a modified conceptual design
  • Maintained intranet website which contained meeting minutes, business contacts, and other information
  • Assisted employees with technical questions

SAKE was considering the transition of their information system from Microsoft Access to IBM DB2 with a Visual Basic front-end. The front-end and the design for the DB2 database had already been designed. I worked closely with another employee to identify changes between the designs of the two databases, and then wrote a script which retrieved the old data and created SQL to insert it in the new database using the restructured design. I also maintained a small internal website and answered general technical questions posed by other employees.

September 2001 - February 2003: Test Pattern Radio

  • Collaborated with two partners to establish an Internet radio station with up to 30 international hobbyist broadcasters
  • Managed all technical, managerial, and financial aspects of project (maintaining mailing lists and servers, conducting staff meetings, collecting donations, paying for services, tracking balances, etc.)

I Collaborated with two partners to establish an Internet radio station which hosted up to 30 international hobbyist broadcasters at any given time. I managed all technical, managerial, and financial aspects of this project. Technical aspects included administration of servers, overseeing project mailing lists, and serving as technical contact for the project. Managerial aspects included the establishment of four teams to oversee audio production, marketing and promotion, quality control, and new broadcaster mentoring. I also lead periodic staff meetings. Financial aspects included collection of donations and paying for services.

Computer Skills

  • Operating Systems:
  • Programming Languages:
    • Perl
    • PHP
    • SQL
    • HTML
    • VBA
    • Proprietary scripting languages
  • Applications:
    • MS Office, particularly Access
    • Databases: Mysql, SQLite
    • Voter Activation Network
    • Internet servers: Apache, Bind, Lighttpd, Openssh, Postfix, Proftpd,etc.