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Script for the Palringo Vocal Instant Messenger

The Palringo Vocal Instant Messenger is a program which will allow you to connect to a number of IM services including MSN and AIM. It is freely available at

This script automatically speaks instant messages as you send and receive them.

The available version of this script is 1.0. It was last modified August 9, 2008.

Copyright (c) 2008 by Chris Nestrud
All rights reserved.

Click here to download palringo.lua.

To install this script, use Active Sync and copy the palringo.lua file to the \Program Files\palringo folder on your mobile device. You may need to use Task Manager to terminate the Palringo application if it is running before the script will take effect.

It is possible to select which portions of messages are actually spoken. You can choose to speak the time, nickname, and message text for both incoming and outgoing messages. By default everything is spoken. If you'd like to silence one of these six items, follow these steps.

  1. open the palringo.lua file on your computer using a text editor such as notepad.
  2. Find the line near the top of the file which reads "-- User Changeable Start"
  3. Arrow down until you find the thing that you would like to silence, and change the 1 at the end of the line to a 0. For example, if you don't want to hear the time that incoming messages are received, change "prefSpeakIncomingTime=1" to "prefSpeakIncomingTime=0".
  4. Do not arrow past the line which reads "-- User Changeable End". Nothing below that line is meant to be edited.
  5. Save the file and transfer it to your mobile device as discussed above.

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