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Listed here are several ways of contacting me, in order of preference.

Contact Methods
Contact Form the unreliability of Email and ensure that I'll get your message.
TwitterIAmChrisNUseful for messages of 140 or fewer characters
Emailccn at ChrisNestrud dot comGPG-Key signed and/or encrypted mail can be received. Please use my GPG Public Key.
Phone/SMS+1 (501) 232-6880
SkypeChrisNSkype is a free voice-over-IP application with clients for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux

If you would like to sign and/or encrypt your message, please make use of my GPG Public Key. You can also retrieve the key from a key server such as In any case, please verify the following key fingerprint.

8C95 1B4F 1912 55EB E119 EAF2 0FE8 C426 89E5 AF34

The contact form is by far the best and most reliable means of reaching me.